Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Am Going Here

In 3 days I will be here.
Yes, San Francisco. A place where I can walk outside and not have my nose hairs freeze within 3 seconds.
Considering the windchills here in MN are supposed to be -30 to -40 this weekend, 50-60 degrees will feel quite tropical!
A group of six of us from school are going to S.F. to attend the Brain Expo conference over the weekend. I am excited to go and learn new ideas from some well known people in the education field, and also see some sights.
On Friday we are going to see Alcatraz, and I also hope to ride on a cable car and see some other fun things like Chinatown, the Fishermans Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Ryan tells me he is going to drive my new car when I am gone. I told him I am going to buy "The Club" to immobilize my car so he cannot use it. Pretty funny huh? When is the last time you saw someone using "The Club"? Or even heard anyone talk about it for that matter.
His response was "well, I am going to put a box cutter in your carry on then."
Not quite as funny as my idea.
Hopefully I will see some cool things and get some good pictures.

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