Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Babies!!!!!!

This past week I was walking Atticus and I saw my neighbor, Bev, standing in her front yard, staring at the ground for quite a while. This seemed kind of weird, so I walked over to see what she was staring at.
She told me that when she was mowing the lawn she noticed a nest of baby bunnies!
I walked up to her yard, and sure enough, under her pine tree, there was a hole in the ground full of baby bunnies!
At that time they still had their eyes closed, and were all snuggled up together in the hole. SO cute!
A couple days ago I figured I better snap a picture quick before they grow up! In the past week they have grown SO much and now have their eyes open.
They are so cute, and it has really been fun to stop by Bev's pine tree each day when I go running to see how the babies are doing.
Our neighborhood is full of baby animals thie spring and summer! First the baby squirrels and now the baby bunnies. It is so fun!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garage Sale!

I had a garage sale last weekend with my friend Jeff. It is our 2nd annual sale. This picture is of the sale sign I made for our "Sign Making Contest". Of course, my sign won. It was covered with black and silver curling ribbon.
Half the fun of a garage sale is the people watching, and this year was no exception.
I sold a lot of my old teaching stuff that I no longer use, some clothes, old scrapbook magazines and random stuff found around the house. I was very happy to have made about $400! Wow!
The rain dampered our sales a bit, but I only made a little less than last year.
We will be doing the sale again next year, so I have to start planning now on what to sell, and how to increase my sales total.
After the sale I brought all my unsold books to Half Priced Books in Crystal, and got $22 for them. That is probably close to or more than I would have gotten if I had sold them all at the sale, so I was happy with that! I read so much, that I always have tons of current books laying around.
Looking foreword to next years sale!