Tuesday, February 26, 2008

San Fran- Days 2-4

Ok, so I am going to post the rest of my trip all in one post. I am not too good at keeping up with this yet!

Lombard Street- the curviest road (in the world- I think). We took a trolley to get here, but got off too soon, so we had quite an uphill walk to actually get there. Cars line up to take turns driving down the road. I wonder what the people who actually live on the road think?

Sea Lions basking at Pier 39- the weekend we were there, they had a big "festival" to mark the 18th anniversary of when the sea lions came to the pier and took it over as their home. There were tons of them just basking in the sun and barking. Cute!

Ghirardelli Square- Mmmm chocolate. I went here alone one morning, because I had to get some chocolate. I got a bag of ghirardelli chocolate squares (the milk chocoalte and caramel ones are the best). Then I went to a cute place called "Kara's Cupcakes". It was a tiny cupcake shop, and they had the best unique cupcakes ever! I had a banana caramel cupcake. It had melted caramel inside. Mmmmm

Golden Gate Bridge- I did not have time to actually go across the bridge, but while I was at Ghirardelli (and also at Alcatraz) I got a good view of it and snapped some decent pictures. Next time I will have to get across it.

Me on a trolley- This was the one and only time I rode the trolley when it was not a complete zoo! So the trolley operator in the back offered to take my picture. Such a touristy thing to do, but it had to be done. Riding the trolley was so much fun. You could get to almost every sightseeing spot, and other fun places, by trolley.

Painted Lady Houses- Nothing much to see in this part of town, except these famous houses. You may remember them best from the opening scene from the show Full House. They are really pretty and well kept up houses. There is a cute little park called Alamo Square right across the street and that is where we snapped these pics from.

Haight Ashbury- the old "hippy town". Did some shopping, and people watching here. Not quite as "hippy" as it once was. Lots of used clothing stores and gift shops. Lots of quirky tshirt shops and shoes/purses to be found.

Dinner at Colibri- the four of us (Jenny, Kari, myself and Nicole) had a girls only dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant close to our hotel. The food was really good.

Westing St. Francis- this is where we stayed. It was a beautiful hotel. My room was on the 12th floor (top floor) and was looking right out over union square (the plaza you see in the foreground). On most days there was an art fair/stands in the square, but the day I took this pic it was raining, so no one was out. My room was on the top floor, on the part where it indents in on the left side of the picture.

We also went to Chinatown, but my nightflash was not cooperating, so the pics are blurry.

Well, I could post a lot more pics, but this is a good summary. All the pics I took in the actual conference did not turn out too hot, flash photography in the hotel did not work too well. We did go to a lot of classes and brought a lot of new ideas back to our classrooms and school. I would love to go back to San Francisco again and spend more time walking around the town and seeing more sights.

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