Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garage Sale!

I had a garage sale last weekend with my friend Jeff. It is our 2nd annual sale. This picture is of the sale sign I made for our "Sign Making Contest". Of course, my sign won. It was covered with black and silver curling ribbon.
Half the fun of a garage sale is the people watching, and this year was no exception.
I sold a lot of my old teaching stuff that I no longer use, some clothes, old scrapbook magazines and random stuff found around the house. I was very happy to have made about $400! Wow!
The rain dampered our sales a bit, but I only made a little less than last year.
We will be doing the sale again next year, so I have to start planning now on what to sell, and how to increase my sales total.
After the sale I brought all my unsold books to Half Priced Books in Crystal, and got $22 for them. That is probably close to or more than I would have gotten if I had sold them all at the sale, so I was happy with that! I read so much, that I always have tons of current books laying around.
Looking foreword to next years sale!

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