Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ali's Birthday

This weekend we went out with John and Ali to celebrate Ali's birthday (which was last week). We ate at pittsburgh blue in Maple Grove. I have not had a steak for ages, and this place definately made up for lost time. I had the Steak Diane, and it was fabulous!
The side dishes there are gigantic, and are big enough to feed 4 people, so we split the hashbrowns and asparagus. John let it slip that we were celebrating Ali's birthday when the waiter was around, (she hates when the restaurants sing and get crazy on your birthday) and our waiter was so good... he brought over a cute piece of red velvet cake (mmmmm...) with a candle and did not make a fuss or scene at all about it. I love red velvet cake, so that was a perfect way to end a delicious meal!

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