Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Byerly's Salads

Don't you hate it when you have a favorite meal at a place, and then you go to get it only to find it has changed or been discontinued?
All day today I was planning to get my favorite Sesame Asian Salad from Byerlys. It is my all time favorite salad, and it is huge! Big enough for dinner.
I was completely disheartened when I arrived at Byerly's today, only to find they have repackaged all the deli salads in containers half the size they used to be, and only took $1 off the price. On top of that, what used to be a healthy salad (low calories) now had more calories than the original salad which was twice its size. How does that work?
So, I meandered around the store for 20 minutes wallowing in my disappointment and finally decided to get some veggie burgers.
Why did they have to mess with a perfectly good salad? Now I don't have my standby dinner in case of emergency (or sheer laziness!)

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