Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why I love Thursday

Today I was thinking, and I believe Thursday is my favorite day. Here are some reasons why:

1. Tomorrow is Friday. I can hardly wait for the weekend, and I know Fridays at school usually go by pretty quickly.
2. Survivor is on TV at 7pm. (yes, I still watch that show, and I love it!)
3. LOST is on at 8pm. As referenced in a previous post, this is a show that I do not like to be interrupted during. I prefer to watch it in bed, with all the lights off. Gives it more of a creepy vibe.
4. The Sun Post comes. This is our local community paper. Sometimes I read about people who I graduated with who are now in jail, or have recently been busted for some crazy crime.
5. I usually get a Byerlys Salad for dinner so I do not have to cook and potentially be late for my shows. However, this will all change now (see last post). Darn Byerlys!
6. The Office is usually on Thursday nights....... Now that the writers strike is over, I hope it will be back in the lineup soon.
7. I get to wear jeans to work tomorrow. Well....... Lately I have been wearing jeans to work alot, but Fridays are the days when they are officially OK to wear.

Ahhhhh...... I love you Thursdays.
Sunday morning comes in a close second though. (Sunday paper, good breakfast, a reason to relax and lay around, ....)

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